Ergonomics is the science of designing user interaction with equipments and workplace environments to fit the human bodies.  It is relevant in the design of such tools, technology as safe, easy-to-use interfaces to users in all working and living occasions. The critical importance for human health while in moving, working, walking, sleeping, sitting and all related human activities.

Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the two goals of human health and increases productivity.

The study of of ergonomics seeks to identify the causes for injury that results from
the human activities and develop methods and essentials which reduce the risk of RSI –injury ( Repetitive Stress Injury ). Failure to take ergonomic considerations into account can resulting in increases discomforts, stress, soreness, numbness, muscle fatigue, bone joint and spine twisted and eventually serious injury.

Canalis Capri Syndrome

The Canalis Capri tunnel is the narrow area in the bone joints, where nerves and blood vessels pass. Repeated inflections of the human moving parts, e.g. wrist, neck, shoulder, back, waist put pressure on it, because of muscle work involved. This could cause poor blood ciculation, with subsequent pain. Prolonged work with constant pressure on them increases the risk of soft tissue losing its elasticity and the stiffening of the Canalis Capri.

Work Station

The human body in offices is not designed to use a computer for any significant long hours, especially when users usually forced to maintain an unnatural posture while performing repetitive tasks and remaining stationary for hours at a time.

Mouse Arm and Trigger Finger
The traditional horizontal mouse forces you to hold your hand at an abnormal angle, which in turns puts your forarm in a static, twisted position. Thence, repeated tiny, fast movements with tensed muscles while clicks, press buttons can cause temporary pain and prolonged injuiries. These syndrome in medically is RMI-injury ( Repetitive Motion Injury ).

Ergonomic Office Essentials is helpful to prevent disorders resulting from long time computer use and the optimal solution in your work station.
The essentials including, for example :

  1. Ergonomic computer mouse, keyboards, monitors….etc.
  2. Ergonomic document holders, adjustable stand, arm support, foot rest…etc.
  3. Ergonomic office chairs, desk, cushions…..etc.
  4. Assistive devices and physically healthy products


Sleeping technology is critical important to human body, as the sleeping time occupies 1/3 of our lifetime. A restful and restorative night sleep makes huge difference in both the human emotion and physical state, preventing the bursitis suffers. Due to the intensive daily work or physical repetitive motion caused tireness. A quality and deep sleep needs the such sleeping conditions :

  1. Maintain the same level of cervical and thoracic vertebra
  2. Sufficient blood supply to the brain
  3. Good cerebral micro-circulation
  4. Comfortable sleeping environments

Pillows / Mattress / Cushions
Our pillows, mattresses and cushions all chiropractic proven that perfectly designed for human’s health. The unique ergonomical shape contours to the head, neck and spine in proper alignment. The products increase blood circulatory, improve respiratory , as it maintain the head, neck and spine in the correct position.

Material “Celloflex”
Our patented material “Celloflex” is a speciality memory foam, the formulation integrated by activated flexi foam with human body temperature and weight sensitive, also have a unique bubble-feel support. The responsiveness of the foam adjust to your body contours and return to its original shape every time. It’s customized comfort, as the material conforms the body shape and evenly distributes the correspondence weight over the surface. It’s smart react to the different weight from different body parts, so for a ultimate support.

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