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Consumer Electronics

Art. No. : 620727

Product Name :
Fruit and vegetable pesticide degradation machine

Product Features and specifications :

•  Product size: 270 x 190 x 75 mm

•  Voltage: AC220V/50Hz

•  Power: 8W

•  Ozone: 600mg/h

•  Timer: 1-60 mins

•  Accessories: 2 tubes 2 ball


Product Feature :

•  Degradation of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, washing of fruits and vegetables,

   fish and other foods, detoxification andpreservation, sterilization and disinfection,

   decomposition of residual pesticides, decomposition of impurities  such as fertilizers,

   clenbuterol and food additives to prevent chronic poisoning. 

•  Remove odors, remove odors in toilets, refrigerators, wardrobes, pet homes, etc.,

   aquarium oxygenation and disease prevention; disinfection of daily necessities, clothing,

   tableware and children's products (bottles, toys, etc.) to ensure hygiene and health

•  Used for face washing, mouthwashing, bathing, beauty care, delaying aging,

   maintaining oral hygiene and preventing oral  diseases.

•  Relieve and assist in the treatment of certain diseases (such as beriberi, constipation,

   hemorrhoids, women's disease, toothache, periodontal disease,

   wound disinfection, and prevent inflammation.)


Ozone Generator Series

Ozone: the most effective sterilizing way and harmless to human.


Certificate: CE,FC,ROHS

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