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Consumer Electronics

Art. No. : 620729

Product Name :
Water & Air Two Way Use Ozone Plasma Air Purifer

Product Features and specifications :

•  Product size: 260 x 360 x 93mm

•  Plasma: 6 x 106 pcs/ cm³

•  Ozone: 400mg/h

•  Timer: 2 timer for ozone & plasma

•  Accessories: 2 tubes 2 ball

•  A remote control

•  Voltage: AC220V/ 50Hz

•  Power: 14W

•  Box size: 40 x 30.5 x 16 cm


Product Feature :

•  Ozone gas can improve the quality of indoor air, kill a variety of natural bacteria

   and germs in the room, deodorize, prevent mildew and odor in wardrobes.

•  Ozone generator can be connected to the pipeline to release ozone gas into the

   water to produce ozone water. It can wash face and beauty, hair care and bath,

   disinfection of utensils, clean fruits and vegetables, fresh food, and degradable pesticides.

   Extend the storage, fresh-keeping and quality-preserving time in an all-round way.

•  Plasma can purify the room air, sterilize and disinfect it, prevent infectious diseases;

   remove dust, smell and clean the air, and create a forest-like indoor air environment.


Ozone Generator Series

Ozone: the most effective sterilizing way and harmless to human.


Certificate: CE,FC,ROHS

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