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Consumer Electronics

Art. No. : 620715

Product Name :
Portable Air Purifier

Product Features and specifications :

•  Stylish design, act as air purifier,

   car fragrance and table top décor as well.

•  Suitable for use in car, desktop, wardrobe,

   kitchen, bathroom and any air purifying


•  Equipped with innovative hook, can be

   flipped 180 degree. Hang on anywhere or

   twisted into a holder which can be fixed at

   any desired angle. Apply to all occasions.

•  One-button easy operate. Intelligent dual timing system.

•  Replaceable HEPA super filter

•Optional foam filter with perfume drops can be as the fragrance diffuser


Product Details

•  Compact size Ø120 x 61 mm

•  Anion:5 x 106  pcs/cm³

•  Working area:3 m²

•  Dual USB charging and rechargeable Lithium battery

•  Full power can run 17 hours.

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