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Consumer Electronics

Art. No. : 620719

Product Name :
Dual Air Purifier Bluetooth Speaker

Product Features and specifications :

•  Wireless Bluetooth transmission,

   HiFi Surround Sound effect ,

   the extra enjoyment of listening

   music when breathing the fresh air.

•  Changing colorful LEDs go with the

   music beats. 3 switchable models :

   Changing LEDs / Night light / Reading light.

•  Fashionable appearance, light-touch

   screen, multi-modes for meeting your high

   pursuit of quality life.

•  High-efficiency composite HEPA filters, energy-consumption saving,

   purifying air by filtering 99% of 0.3um particles. To cope with formaldehyde,

   foggy PM2.5, interior chemical residue, germs,dust mites, pollen, second hand smoke, pet smell.

•  Aroma oil is addable. So that fragrance, music and purified air,

   the triple pleasure mixture for a relaxing home life and office time. 


Product Details:

•  Size:topØ150 x bottomØ180 x H240mm

•  Weight :1.1kg

•  Working Area:≤10m2

•  Anion:3 x 106  pcs/cm3

•  USB port, plug and play

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