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Consumer Electronics

Art. No. : 619709

Product Name :
Medical-grade Air Purifier “Dome”

Product Features and specifications :

•  6X Filtrations with 9X Air Purifications.

   The absolute sterilization of air by

   combined ways.

•  PM2.5 removal rate ≥99.98% and

   Formaldehyde removal rate ≥95%

•  High-density cotton pre-filter :

   Filtering various pollutants > 20 micron,

   such as hair, scurf, fibre, pollen, dust, etc.

•  HEPA filter :Remove the air

   dust >0.03 microns

•  Cold-catalyst filter :Adsorption and decomposition of harmful substances, e.g.

•  Formaldehyde, TVOC, Benzene. Breakdown the toxic gas into CO and HO.

•  Foam carbon filter :Preliminary odor adsorption.

•  Honeycomb activated carbon filter :Degradation of the micro-organism and pollutant,

   absorb and eliminate odors and toxic gases.

•  Photo-catalyst filter :Effectively killing various germs, remove odors and anti-stain.

•  Ultra-Violet Sterilization :UV 254nm radiation, killing of kinds of micro -organism and germs,

   such as mold spores, E.coli, Staphylococci.

•  Anion :5 million massive anions released to refresh the air, enable human intake more oxygen,

   enhance the autoimmunity to prevent disease.

•  Ozone Disinfection :Killing virus and detoxification,

   prevent infective diseases and refresh the air by increase oxygen content.


( Warmly hint :Ozone is the individual key. Generated smell is a little irritating but won't harm to the

human body, as it would be decomposed into oxygen quickly at room  temperature.

It's recommended to set 1-Hr timer after office hour for indoor sterilization thoroughly. )



Product Details:

•  Size :320 x 199 x 645mm

•  Anion :5 Million/cm3

•  Ozone :500mg / h

•  Time :1-2-4-8-12 Hr.

•  Air quality Indicator :3 ( Green/Yellow/Red )

•  Voltage :AC220V / 50Hz

•  Wind speed :L / M / H

•  CADR :240m3/h ( Cycle work )

•  Max. wind :300m3/ h

•  Power :80W

•  Dual mode :Auto/Manual

•  Dual operation :Touch screen/ Remote control

•  Remote control :Distance 10m

•  Weight :7.9Kgs

•  Cable length :1.8m

•  Working area :80-100m2


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Tel : 852 – 8100 1632 Fax : 852 – 8100 1738