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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 619288A

Product Name :
3S Stool="Sit-Stand-Swing"Stool

Product Features and specifications :

• Size ( Standard ) : Dia. 34cm X Height 70cm

• Material : High-density foam / Breathable fabric

• Colour : Green / Blue / Grey



• Ergonomic stool, simple and functional

• Contour Seat Pad with pressure-release design

• Gas lifting by smart adjusting belt-rope

• Sitting and Standing inter-changeable

• Swing at the axle of the heavy base to activate the spine


The physio finding of the advantage from “ seats without a backrest “ : Spine stays aligned naturally,

feet become able to scoot around work space. As core muscles come to support the body weight and

gain a balance sitting posture. Postural muscles become activated when seated which enables

movements with better control.

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