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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 618273

Product Name :
Ergonomic active stool “Roly-poly”

Product Features and specifications :

•  Unique Gyro shaped,

   heavy weighted 1 pc

   moulded PU base.

•  Rolling and no falling

•  Spine stays aligned naturally,

   feet become able to scoot

   around work station.

•  As core muscle come to

   support  the body weight

   and gain a balance sitting posture.

•  Keep waist movement during a fixed sitting at a limited space

•  Rotatable for a free motion.

•  Equipped with gas lifting ring to adjust the height,  to prevent from feet hanging

•  Special designed triangular cushioned seat pad, sit safety and comfortable

•  Prevention of lumbar disc herniation and leg-vein expansion.

•  Encourages leg movements and blood circulation during long hour sitting,

   greatly reduces muscle fatigue and stiffness, brings you a comfortable and healthy working life

•  Good for receptionist, dentist, IT workers, music players, gamers, nurse station, shops,

   particular for the users need frequent sit and stand alternately and big body motion needed.


Product specifications :

•  Seating cushion size : Dia. 400mm

•  Height adjustable range : 490 – 655 mm

•  Weight : 7 Kgs

•  Material : Moulded PU + ECO board + Hi-density foam + Fabric


Unit 907, Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 852 – 8100 1632 Fax : 852 – 8100 1738