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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 917014

Product Name :
Hanging desk organizer

Product Features and specifications :

Hanging desk organizer



• 10 pocket design

• 2 large tablet, notebook and

  document compartments

• 2 wide opening medium size pockets

  for frequent use items, e.g. keys,

  hand cream, tapes, card holder,

  mouse, USB drive etc.

• 3 deep pockets for smaller items,

  e.g. charging handset, power bank, glasses, remote control, scissors, etc.

• 3 slim pockets for long items, e.g. pen, marker, screw driver, ruler, etc.

• Supported with a strong and chic aluminum round pole.

• Fixed at the desk side by 2 adjustable scratch proof metallic

  C-clamps for desk with thicknessunder 30mm

• Product size:59.5x35.5x2.15cm

• Pole size: Ø2x36cm



• Xymann X-organizer, a timeless characteristic combination of

• a 16D black canvas body (extra sturdy and easy to clean)

• bold genuine leather trim/ strip/ decoration design

• premium stainless steel/ aluminum metal ware

• It looks causal yet elegant and is in deed extremely practical to create extra space to your desk.

• From its construction to the size of compartments,

  all are thoughtfully designed to fit in your various needs.

• It keeps all your ready-to-use items away from the mess,

  make them all to be found at a glance, be reached with ease.

• X-organizer - organizes your work and life clean and neat.   

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