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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 617230

Product Name :
Therapy Spinal Board

Product Features and specifications :


•  Multi-Function therapy spinal board,

   simple and portable design.

•  Lumbar structure design, use your own body

   weight to open up space between the

   long-term compressed lumbar vertebrae,

   enhance resetting of lumbar vertebrae disc,

   effectively prevent and relieve lumbar

   disc herniation.

•  Mild traction treatment gently relieve back pain,

   improve posture, enhance flexibility and muscle strength,

   remain and restore the natural curvature of your back.

•  Additional magnet setting creates magnetic field to enhance a better therapy result by

   increasing blood circulation, relieving soreness, speeding up recovery.

•  4 level gear adjustment for different ranges in stretching the back.

   The curve of the back stretcher can be freely adjusted according to personalized needs

    of different people from elementary users to yoga enthusiast.

•  Premium ABS-made body, high load capacity, never deform, comfortable and safe to use.

•  Suitable for all long-hour sitting people e.g. Car drivers,

   office group, online gamers, yoga enthusiast, etc.



•  Product Size: 385*255*32mm

•  Net Weight:550g

•  Material:ABS



• People who suffer from serious back problems, e.g. vertebral sclerosis, spine osteoporosis,

   acute fracture, etc., please consult doctor before use of this product.


   Only takes 5-10 minutes, twice a day for a healthy spine

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