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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 610124R

Product Name :
Ergonomic Vertical Mouse “Cool” Wired

Product Features and specifications :

Ergonomic Vertical Mouse “Cool” Wired/ Wireless



•  Ergonomic vertical design, effectively prevent

   “mouse-arm” induced by long period wrist

    twisting when use traditional mouse.

•  Palm-fitted figure, designed according to the

   shape of human palm, wrist bone and hand

   nerves, give out an easy and convenient

    hand-held operation.

•  Treads on the mouse provide anti-slip function from sweat and

    detachable palm rest reduces fiction between palm and desk.

•  3-mode DPI selection, 800/1000/1600DPI adjustable sensitivity for accuracy and responsiveness.

•  Advanced laser tracking sensor, perform more sensitive,

   stable and accurate on a wide range of reflecting surface than an optical one.

•  Precise mechanical roller, browse long page easy and comfortable.

•  5 keys design, specially add two thumb buttons for back/forward browser navigation.

•  Driver free, plug and play, easy and convenient.

•  Suitable for business white-collar workers, I.T. professionals, long hour computer players.



•  Size: L136mm x W95mm x H87mm (w/ palm rest)

•  Connectivity: 1.5m USB cable

•  Resolution: 600/1000/1600dpi

•  Compatible with systems of Windows/Mac OS/Linux

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