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Art. No. : 515257

Product Name :
Therapy Pinhole Glasses Stylish

Product Features and specifications :

Therapy Pinhole Glasses Stylish



•  Help to see clearly near and far

•  Eliminate stress and strain caused by glasses

•  Reduce dependence on glasses

•  Activate natural vision ability to see clearly

•  Frequent substitute of prescription glasses

   (TV, computer, reading) with pinhole glasses

   can result in vision improvement, natural and drug-free

•  When a blurred object is formed, our brain moves the focus of the eye in and out until

    it gets an increase in contrast. If no increasement is achieved, the brain leaves

    the object unfocused. Pinholes improve the sharpness of the image, allow our brain to

    find the point of focus. During such process ,the focusing muscles of the eye are getting

    exercised more which improve out eyes’ focusing system.


Product size:

•  L149mm x W58mm x H35mm

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