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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 615707

Product Name :
USB Desktop Air Purifier ”Aza”

Product Features and specifications :

USB Desktop Air Purifier ”Aza”



•  Clean and purify toxic smoke and odors in air

•  Suitable for both home and office

•  Portable and lightweight

•  Easy to carry and operate

•  Fragrance option available

•  Easily touch button to start the desktop air Purifier

•  5*10  PCS/CM³ negative lon will be out from the

    machine to protect the health of your family constantly.

•  “Negative lon”with the function of bacteria killing and

    dust falling,it is known as “Air Vitamin”by the medical field.


Product Size :

•  Rated Voltage: DC5V

•  Standby Power: ≤0.2V

•  Working Power: 2.5W

•  Negative lon: 5*10  PCS/CM³

•  Ø125mm x H194mm

•  Suitable Area :About 10 s.q.m

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