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Art. No. : 614703

Product Name :
Desktop Air Purifier ”Trio”

Product Features and specifications :

Desktop Air Purifier ”Trio”



•  4X filtration power and 5X purification power

•  Built-in Anion generator discharges concentrated

   plasmacluster ion at a rate of 10 millions anions

   per second

•  Pre-filter:Removes large particles in air,

   e.g, dust, dirts,hairs.

•  HEPA-filter: High effective application to the hygiene standard PM2.5,

   as it can collect the air pollutants, e.g, pollen,fibre,germs,virus and molds

•  Activated-carbon filter: Eliminates Formaldehyde,Benzene,Ammonia,

   TVOC,deodorizing various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke,

    garbage odor and pet smell

•  Elementary filter with high porous rate inside the crystallized construction

    with superb adhesive ability,can absorb the water and  air molecules

•  Anion generator discharge concentrated plasmacluster ion in a shower-like

   pattern into the air, this device generates 10 millions anions per second.

•  It inactive air borne allergens and irritants effectively.


Product Size :

•  Recommended effective area:10-15m²

•  Anion discharge rate: 5 millions/cm²

•  Wind speed: Medium/High

•  Power input:DC7.5W

•  Working voltage:DC12V

•  Ø190mm x H238mm

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