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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 616801

Product Name :
Mini atomization humidifier

Product Features and specifications :

Mini atomization humidifier




1. Air Purifier

    Negative ions generated cleans and purifies the air;

    inactivate and kill viruses, bacteria

2. Air Humidifier

    Provide moisture to the air;

    help to improve dry skin and dry cough

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

     Drop into essential oil, it turns into the best essential oil diffuser which helps to reduce stress,

     improve focus at work and relax nerves for yoga, reading and sleep.

4. USB Hub

    Charge your phone anytime when the diffuser is ON

5. LED Night Light

6. Potted Plant Decoration


Product Size :

•  Ø96mm x H82mm

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