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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 614205

Product Name :
Ergonomic Active Footrest ”Z”

Product Features and specifications :

Ergonomic Active Footrest ”Z”



• Product elevates legs to build up a

  correct posture for a better bloodcirculation

  and overall comfort while sitting.

• Avoid continuous pressure against blood

  vessels on legs while sitting, effectively

  prevent varicose veins.

• As a footrest: Surface bumps massage and simulate nerves and acupoints;

  reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

• As a legs rest: When taking rest,

  extend and rest legs horizontal helps to refresh the brain with a better blood supply.

• 7 levels 0-90º adjustable tilting and 100-300mm height adjustment.

• Premium aluminum alloy frame with foldable design, easy to carry and store.

• ABS pedal, solid, durable and easy to clean.



• Folded size: L425mm x W305mm x H95mm

• Extended height: 40cm

• Material: ABS Panel/PU/Metal

Unit 907, Silvercord Tower 2, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel : 852 – 8100 1632 Fax : 852 – 8100 1738