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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 614203

Product Name :
Back-care Contour Pad "1"

Product Features and specifications :

Back-care Contour Pad "1"



•  Ergonomic twin pads design,

   avoid pressure on spine,360-degree

   embraceuser's back; help user to

   correct bad sitting posture and reduce

   pressure against vertebrae,

   relieve soreness on the back.

•  166-Holes pattern improves ventilation between backrest and user,

    no worry for sweating after long use.

•  High quality PP material, remain in good shape after extensive use.

•  Effectively help elderlies to prevent development of strain in back and lumbar muscles.

•  Multi level vertical adjustments available for users in different body size.

•  Premium elastic holder ensures the backrest fixed properly on all kind of chairs.

•  Easy to carry, suitable for car seats and most chairs.

•  Suitable for children, elderlies, pregnant ladies, drivers,

   office employees and other people involves long hour sitting at work.



•  Size: L480mm x D125mm x H390mm

•  Material: PP

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