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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 616519(N-2-A+P-2-B)

Product Name :
Double Arm : Note book + iPad

Product Features and specifications :

Adjustable Desk Stand ( Double Arm : 1 Section/Note book +2 Section/iPad )



•  Height adjustable bracket arm holds your monitor,

   notebook device or tablet at the most

   comfortable viewing level and angle, allow you to

   work longer without feeling tired.

•  Simple and neat features, keep your desk

   looking clean and tidy.

•  Its premium joints are flexible and easy to install.

•  Universal Xymann mounting pole can match with various or multiple bracket arms for different purposes.

•  10 stages height adjustment for users in all sizes.

•  Distinctive aluminium-alloy plastic maintains our bracket arm strong yet light in weight.


Product Size :

•  Notebook bracket: W250mm x H(125-350)mm

•  Tablet bracket:W420mm x H(205-430)mm

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