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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 614213

Product Name :
Adjustable Tablet PC/ Document Stand

Product Features and specifications :

Adjustable Acrylic Tablet PC/ Document Stand



•  High quality acrylic, easy to carry,

   water clear and chic.

•  Professional laser polishing process on all edges

   makes it shine from all angles.

•  Highly solid material, scratch proof.

•  Metal screws fix the stand tight in all angle


•  Front Slot holds materials with different thickness.

•  5 heights and panel tilts adjustable for best visual effect and easy access of items displayed.

•  A wide variety of materials can be displayed, such as tablet, brochures, documents, magazine,

   recipe, art piece, etc.

•  Assist user to read in a comfortable position hence prevent damage on cervical vertebrae.



•  Size: L265mm x W225mm x L(340-405)mm

•  Material: Acrylic

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