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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 614209

Product Name :
Desk-Top Armrest “Regular”

Product Features and specifications :

Desk-Top Armrest “Regular”



•  Strong metallic screw fastener, simple installation,

   firm and solid.

•  Ergonomic design, help user maintain a relaxing

   and healthy position at work.

1. Armrest keeps distance between user and

    keyboard; develop an easy vertical posture

    of upper hands.

2. Armrest supports forearms to form a prefect 90º against upper arms

    which totally relax our shoulders and neck when using computer.

•  Effectively reduce soreness at shoulder muscle and cervical vertebrae.

•  Quality soft foam in Lycra fabric provides comfortable support all time long.

•  Suitable for office employees, designers, cyber gamers, I.T. professionals,

    study group and other heavy computer users.



•  Applicable desktop thickness: 0.5 - 4cm

•   Arm rest loading: 25Kg

•  Net weight: 2600g


Product Size :

•  L660mm x W215mm

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