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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 610163

Product Name :
Light Alu Ergonomic Elbow Stand “1

Product Features and specifications :

Light Alu Ergonomic Elbow Stand “1"



•  Avoid overhang of elbow while typing and using

   mouse,reduce stress from cervical vertebrae,

   shoulders, arms and wrists.

•  Durable aluminum alloy brackets, relieve 80%

   of the weight undertaken by elbows,let you work

   longer feeling no fatigue.

•  Fits desk top from 0 to 60 mm thick.

•  Base brackets allows 180º horizontal rotation while elbow bracket offers 360º degree horizontal rotatable.

   Makes movements so free for all kind of posture.

•  Easy to use - portable, screw to attach; unscrew to detach.

•  Strong EVA protecting pad at the contact point to the attaching surface,

    avoid marking any scratch marks on the desktop.

•  Alleviate strain and pain of eyes, shoulders, wrists,

   and neck areas caused by long-term use of computer and long hours staring at the screen,

   help to prevent development of mouse arm.

•  Use of elbow stand provides support to elbow, help user to development a

   correct sitting posture; Reduce burden on shoulders and neck. Greatly

   alleviate strain and pain during long-hour computer use.

   Premium aluminum alloy bracket, strong and durable.


Product Size :

•  Size: L412mm x W(armrest)109mm

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