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Ergonomic Work Station

Art. No. : 614208

Product Name :
Ergonomic Adjustable Office Keyboard “Plus”

Product Features and specifications :

Ergonomic Adjustable Office Keyboard “Plus”



•  Multiple function keyboard tray plus mouse pad

   can effectively solve health problems induced by

   use of desk in wrong height.

•  Keyboard tray at a right height supports user's

   upper hands and forearms to form a relaxing 90º

   when typing, thus prevents development of 

   soreness from shoulder and neck.

•  Round corners design, protect user from injury.

•  Solid material and powerful mount ensure an extra stable typing experience.

•  Memory foam wrist pad and mouse pad give a soft support to wrist hence

   reduce pressure on its nerves during typing.



•  Size: Keyboard Tray: L505mm x W240mm

          Mouse pad 23 x 20 cm

•  Net weight: 6300g

•  Material: Steel/memory foam

•  Vertical adjustment: 120mm

•  Pulley track adjustment : 300mm

•  Finishing: Spray Coating

•  Loading: 25Kg

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