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Sleeping Technology

Art. No. : 711001

Product Name :
Anti-fatique Standing Mat

Product Features and specifications :

Product feature :

•  Anti-fatigue standing mat, a health essential for

   both work and home Extra thick one-piece

   molded PU soft foam, eco friendly and

   renounced memory

•  feature embraces your tired  feet from all

   directions. It enhances blood circulation

    at the same time alleviate muscle

    strain at the feet.

•  Give you supreme comfort as it aborts your main

    body weight when you stand on it.

•  Encourage blood circulation, relief the soreness and stiffness of standing

   long hours on hard floor.

•  A prefect companion of lifting desk. To avoid long hour sitting, it helps

   you to work in a standing position without developing any discomfort.

•  Water proof, odorless, anti-skid, anti-microbacterial, durable and neverdeform.

•  Suitable for people required for long hour standing in daily life, e.g.

   housewife, teacher, professor, etc., or office group who cares to avoid long

   hour sitting.


Product specification:

•  Dimension : 650 X 500 X 22 mm

•  Weight : 1750 g

•  Material : PU base

•  Colour : dark grey

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