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Sleeping Technology

Art. No. : 711880

Product Name :
U-shaped Neck support

Product Features and specifications :


•  Memory foam U-shaped neck support, neck

   contour designprovides optimal neck and

   shoulder support to give you a more

   relaxing day.

•  Adopts high quality thermo sensitive memory

   foam, it easily and comfortably molds to your

   neck and shoulder for a perfect fit;

   effectively relievescervical vertebrae strain

   caused by long period sitting or standing.

•  Supports your neck when you are working, lounging, driving, travelling or watching program;

   helps to release pressure on every muscles and nerves of your head, neck and shoulders,

   lets your cervical vertebrae remain all day tension free.

•  Slow rebounded memory foam insert, natural and eco- friendly, extra breathable,

   hypoallergenic anddust mite resistant, odor free, soft and comfortable.

   It also helps to improve blood circulation.

• Double layer cover,breathable white polyester inner cover and soft-comfortable velvet outer cover.

•  Zipper removable outercover lets you easily keep your neck support clean and refresh all the time.



•  Product size: 32 x 28 x 10-6cm

•  Net weight: 1050g (90D/ 1250g (105D)

•  Insert density: 90D(90kg/m3)/105D(105kg/m3)

•  Insert material: Slow rebounded polyurethane(Memory foam),

   body temperature sensitive material contours user’s bodyline for best support.

   One-piece-molded product never goes flat.

•  Features: excellent sense of touch, long using life.

•  Outer cover material: Velvet (easy cleaning removable zipper design)

•  Color available: beige, blue, coffee, pink

•  Inner cover material: White polyester



•  Direct sunlight could downgrade performance of memory foam and affect sleep experience.

•  Avoid washing the memory foam, hang up for ventilation in shade if necessary.

•  Removable outer pillow cover; suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.

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